Drift Stage D-Like Rocket Bunny Toyota GT-86 Body

Another amazing body release from Drift Stage D-Like comes the Rocket Bunny Toyota GT-86 ZN6 200mm RC Drift Body. This is the second 86/FR-S style body from D-Like as they were the first to release the FT-86 II Concept last year. We bought one for ourselves and are looking forward to this body being released. If any of you have been waiting to recreate the Rocket Bunny FR-S, this might be the body for you.
Although we have heard some rumors Addiction RC may be working on a 86/FR-S Rocket Bunny body/kit. This body is expected to be released in December, and should be available at most online D-Like retailers.

Check out the video below of them in action

Source: Drift Stage D-Like Blog