MST LB Ford Mustang RTR RC Body

I just spotted this new body upcoming from our friends at Max Speed Technology. This new Liberty Walk Ford Mustang GT RTR RC body looks outstanding, and with MST you know they are paying attention to detail. HPI released a RTR body a few years back to coincide with their release of the Mustang RTR, but this is the first attempt I’ve seen outside of that release. The body doesn’t currently have a release date but expect it to hit the shelves/carts sometime in Q1 of 2021.

MST Liberty Walk Ford Mustang RTR 1/10 Scale RC Body

  • Wheelbase: 257mm
  • Front width: 199mm
  • Rear width: 206mm

The LBMT body shell is integrated made. It will be sold in matching with the RTR car series and individual product!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Source: RC MST

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