Drift Stage D-Like Toyota JZZ30 Soarer

Drift Stage D-Like has officially announced the 1:10 scale Toyota JZZ30 Soarer body for RC drift. The latest Toyota Soarer body will be similar to previous D-Like bodies with polycarbonate detailing. The new JZZ30 is modelled after a special Aero body kit, Aero street style bonnet/hood and rear diffuser. The details of this body really stand out above other manufacturers. As D-like creates more RC bodies, they have been improving the level of details in each successive model. D-Like has been around in the 1:10 and 1:1 drift scene for many years and with these types of releases, it really show they will be around for a long time.

The JZZ30 was the only model sold continuously from the introduction of the JZ30 series in 1991 until production ceased in 2000. As the sportiest model in the range it was also the only one available with a manual transmission.
The new Toyota Z30 RC Drift body is expect to be in a 1:10 scale 190mm width body. One of the features of this body is that the muffler and rear diffuser are a separate polycarbonate that are included with the body, a rear spoiler will also be included. A lot of work and details have been integrated into this body. The detailing in the front bumper of the body alone is worth checking out.

  • Masking Sheet
  • Decals Sheet
  • 190mm width body
  • Rear diffuser and spoiler moulded separately
  • Double sided tape required for rear diffuser and spoiler
  • Officially Licenced by Toyota
  • Wheels and tires sold separately
  • Body is polycarbonate and comes CLEAR

Here is a video of the 1:1 drift car that D-Like has chosen to model their latest body after.

Source: Drift Stage D-Like

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