Eagle Racing R31-FM Spare Parts

Eagle Racing have released all spare parts for the R31 Front Mount chassis. Approximately 20 individual parts have been released for the chassis. Useful for those that have already broken parts of their car during the build or break-in process. Eagle has always been very good in supporting their products, parts are relatively inexpensive and easy to get. Check it out if you are one of the R31-FM fanatics or interested in the chassis. Some of these parts may also be very useful for the custom builders out there, you never know what kind of unique creations some chassis modifiers are capable of.

Eagle Racing R31 GRT Front Mount Chassis New Parts Listing

  • R31-16FMP01 GRT Main Chassis ¥3980JPY
  • R31-16FMP02-LBL GRT Battery Plate Set ¥1980JPY
  • R31-16FMP03 GRT Upper Deck ¥1280JPY
  • R31-16FMP04 GRT Front Shock Tower ¥1180JPY
  • R31-16FMP05 GRT Rear Shock Tower ¥1180JPY
  • R31-16FMP06 GRT front bumper ¥1980JPY
  • R31-16FMP07-LBL AL stiff inner mount rear mount ¥780JPY
  • R31-16FMP08-LBL AL brace rear upper deck ¥980JPY
  • R31-16FMP09-LBL AL center pulley mount set ¥1580JPY
  • R31-16FMP10-LBL AL Motor Mount Set ¥3980JPY
  • R31-16FMP12-LBL AL Adapter Gear ¥980
  • R31-16FMP13SET Stainless steel shaft set race ¥1580JPY
  • R31-16FMP14-LBL AL Servo Mount ¥680JPY
  • R31-16FMP15-LBL Belt tensioner set (3) ¥1980JPY
  • R31-16FMP16 Long belt 188T (3M-564) ¥500JPY
  • R31-16FMP17 Short belt 51T (3M-153) ¥500JPY
  • R31-16FMP18 Short belt 53T (3M-159) ¥500JPY
  • R31-16FMP19 Plastic pulley set (5pcs) ¥980JPY
  • R31-16FMP20 Screw Set ¥580JPY
  • R31-16FMP21 Bearing Set ¥580
  • R31-16FMP22-LBL SP servo linkages ¥250

Source: Eagle Racing

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