Eagle Racing R31 Rear Wheel Drive

Seems the Rear Wheel Drive movement continues to be gaining traction. Now there is another RWD added to the growing line-up of rear wheel drive chassis. Eagle Racing has just introduced their version of the RWD by utilizing their R31 FM (Front Motor) chassis. The R31 FM has received several different modifications to step up to the performance to meet RWD requirements.
The newly designed front suspension system allow for more adjustments and greater performance. It seems everyone has adapted the WUN Y shaped lower suspension arms, MST KPI steering knuckles and also Yokomo Type-C style adjustable uppers. The Eagle Racing RWD chassis includes a gyro as standard equipment for users to adapt to RWD.

Eagle Racing R31 RWD Chassis

  • Secured about 80 degrees of the high steering angle
  • Y-type knuckle Lower Suspension Arm
  • New front and rear knuckles
  • Solid rear axle
  • TSD Universal rear driveshaft
  • Drift wheels and tires
  • Gyroscope included

Approximate MSRP: 48,000

Source: Eagle Racing

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