Eagle Racing Steering Angle Gauge

Curious about how much steering angle your RC drift chassis is capable of? It is very easy with this new Eagle Racing Steering Angle Gauge. This new easy to use tool will provide accurate measurements of how much steering angle you are getting from your chassis.

Eagle has developed a new tool for measuring steering angles for your RC drift car. Simply line-up the straight edge with the front damper stay, and use the protractor wheel to accurately measure the steering angle. This new tool is very useful to ensure that your steering angle is consistent. The tool also provides a ruler for any straight measurements. It also has a ride height gauge built into it.

3887 – Eagle Racing Steering Angle Gauge

  • Available in Black, Blue, Gold, Light Blue, Purple and Red
  • Measuring steering angle
  • Measuring Ride Height
  • Also a ruler
  • Approximate MSRP ¥1380JPY

    Source: Eagle Racing

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