Eagle Racing TA05 Rear Wheel Drive Chassis

The Rear Wheel Drive movement continues to grow steadily. Now there is another RWD added to the growing line-up of full rear wheel drive chassis. Eagle Racing has just introduced their latest version of the RWD by utilizing their TA-05 chassis. The TA05-RWD has received several different modifications to step up to the performance to meet RWD requirements.
This chassis adopts a number of existing parts from the R31 chassis with variable battery positioning. Now the RWD market has greater choices for chassis. This new RWD chassis has a very economical price tag for those people looking to experiment with the new RWD trend in the RC Drift community.

Eagle Racing TA05 RWD Chassis

  • Mid motor TA-05 configuration
  • New “seesaw” dampening system
  • Secured about 80 degrees of the high steering angle
  • Y-type knuckle Lower Suspension Arm
  • New front and rear knuckles
  • Solid rear axle
  • TSD Universal rear driveshaft
  • Drift wheels and tires
  • Different battery positioning
  • Gyroscope included

Approximate MSRP: 32,184JPY

Source: Eagle Racing