Eagle Racing TT02 FRD Rear Wheel Drive Chassis

The Rear Wheel Drive movement continues to grow with another contribution from Eagle Racing. The new chassis utilizes the TT-02 chassis as a base while incorporating the already successful Wrap-up Next FR-D RWD Drift chassis. Eagle Racing has just introduced their TT-02 FRD Rear Wheel Drive chassis. This chassis has been designed with input and feedback from Eagle’s team of test drivers, this is the result of 15 months of research and development.
The motor position is based off the original FRD with a front longitudinal facing motor. The unique part of this chassis is the intermediate transmission system to get the power to the rear. Eagle has utilized belts and pulleys to transfer power from the motor to the rear center drive shaft which Eagle boasts a balance and efficient drive system.
This chassis also utilizes successful part from previous Eagle RWD chassis for optimal performance. A new steering system has been adopted to maximize the steering angle and more adjustments for user refinements. The Y-shaped suspension arms allow for up to 80 degrees of steering.
The real factor that sets this chassis apart from the Wrap-up Next FRD, or the MST FXX-D chassis is the price tag. This chassis is economical enough to allow RWD drivers the luxury of the FRD setup without the big price tag associated with it.

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD RWD Chassis

  • Part Number: TT02-FRD-LBL (Light Blue), TT02-FRD-GO (Gold)
  • Front Motor position
  • Belt Drive transfer system
  • Aluminum rear center driveshaft
  • Secured about 80 degrees of the high steering angle
  • Y-type knuckle Lower Suspension Arm
  • Aluminum front and rear knuckles
  • Solid rear axle
  • TSD Universal rear driveshaft
  • Drift wheels and tires
  • Different battery configuration
  • Gyroscope included
  • Available in Light Blue or Gold anodized colours
  • Eagle Recommends at 10.5T brushless motor for this chassis
  • Eagle REQUIRES Thread Lock for this chassis
  • Electronic not included in this kit

Approximate MSRP: ¥37,584JPY

Source: Eagle Racing

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