Yokomo MR4TC SD SSG by Murdock

Ah yes the Yokomo MR4TC-SD SSG Special a oldie but goodie! This is a Re-Build so I had to source parts from all over the world. I been bit by the Yok bug, and have been seriously impressed with their designs. I’m not a fan of the hunt for parts, but luckily drifting does not break too many parts. Oh and the fact most of the parts themselves are slightly more expensive than other brands. This is a very old chassis considering it was originally released in 2003. Yet, still a solid performer, and the basis of other car designs that followed. So here is my journey in rebuilding the chassis back to COMP status!

Some docs that were helpful to me.
Yokomo MR4TC SD1 Manual
Yokomo MR4TC SD1 Manual 2

As is from the purchase, with some spare parts. (I added the Yokomo stickers)

Mix matched wheels… Doh

The chassis came with a nice vinyl protector sheet on the bottom of the chassis, and had no scratches!

Parts acquired at LHS (local hobby shop).

Spare servo and receiver I had laying around.

Old wheels and bumper 🙁 LOL

New wheels and bumper! 🙂 LOL

Basic strip down, and cleaning done.

Signs of shaft wear.

NOW the rebuild begins!!!

New wheels and bumper installed.

Blue Bird BMG-661MG installed.

Futaba R603FF installed.

Excess wiring tucked in shrink wrap.

New antenna mount location allowing the body to clear.

Chassis ready for HobbyWing XErun Brushless Combo!

Need to figure out a lipo tray situation…
Hobbywing XErun system installed! Finished Chassis

I ended up using Battery Straps to hold my Lipo in. It works great with minimal amount of weight being added. Please take a look at the “Garage” section to see the settings and more pictures of the completed chassis.

Go Team Dori!!!

Thank you for checking it out.

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  1. Ohhhh cool!! another SD SSG Special [Carbon Fibre] I picked mine up early last year and am loving it. I am in the process of CSing it and am having issues with setting up the suspension. Once I have it all worked out, it should make drifting look awesome. Yours looks nice and clean mate, sadly they don’t stay that way for long. Great job you’ve done.

    • They can be hard to find as it is an older chassis. Check around at various online retailers like, RCMart, Banzai Hobby, RC Race and Drift Japan etc…

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