Mikuni Factory Mitsubishi GTO

Mikuni Factory is releasing in the coming week, the Mitsubishi GTO. This car was extremely popular in the 1990’s all the way to its last production models in 2001. The Mitsubishi GTO body is already available from Spice RC, however this one has slightly different styling queues. This is a 1:10 scale polycarbonate body with a slightly wider width at 195mm.

The GTO was named after the Mitsubishi Galant GTO, which is a two door hardtop coupe in the early 1970s, which got its name from the Ferrari GTO. This car has been re-badged for the export market, some may know it as the Mitsubishi 3000 GT or a Dodge Stealth.

Unfortunately there are not many pictures of this new body out yet, but this post will be updated as more information arrives.
Source: Mikuni Factory Japan

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