Guild N One x D-Like Premium RWD Gyro

With all the popularity around Rear Wheel Drive RC Drifting new gyro options are becoming available. This is the latest option available; and it is from D-Like & Guild N One, this gyro is made specifically for RWD RC Drifting. It was developed to provide the real feeling of 1:1 drifting, and will be made available on December 11th 2014.
Many RWD RC drifters are using a gyro to assist them in drifting RWD, as spin outs are common and can be difficult to catch or prevent without the use of a gyro. The Guild N One x D-Like Premium RWD Gyro has limited functionality with Sanwa servos at this time, so keep note if you are planning to purchase one. This will come in handy for anyone struggling with RWD RC Drifting.

Source: D-Like & Guild N One

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