Kazama D-Link Spidercks/OTA-R31 Spool Gear Holder

Kazama has seen increased demand for these spool gear holders, and subsequently they have decided to increase the production run. Pre-order now as they are sure to go fast! We have partnered with Vertex RC to help bring this to our International Visitors. MSRP is around ¥3600, and they should be available sometime this month. Kazama D-Link has a stronger spool gear holder for the R31 & GP-X Spidercks chassis.

Kazama D-Link has long been known for their high quality products, now you can get a stronger more durable spool gear holder. This long awaited part is finally here for all R31/Spidercks owners and is made from high quality steel & aluminum. This product has been thoroughly tested by Kazama Auto D-Link RC, get yours while you can!



Source: Kazama Auto D-link

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