Keyence Luxon KG Series Brushless Motors

Keyence is well known for providing top quality electronics, these Luxon KG series brushless sensored motors offer the ultimate performance.
Achieves an increase in output efficiency through its specialized structure, it offers stable motor control performance with high-performance bearings and low cogging torque which are common features of the LUXON series. The KG series makes use of these functions while not relying on the volume of the neodymium magnet, providing the motor itself with high output characteristics! Uses both torque during acceleration, and rolling in neutral, two direct operational feelings that are opposed to each other. With its built-in high efficiency system there is little heat generation. Due to this, the range of gear ratio settings has been expanded.

Utilizes a method that vertically separates the machined aluminum body into two sections. In addition to being combined with a mirror-finish, it has been sealed with solid-feeling lines and laser processed markings, producing a high-grade strength.
Superior rotor heat resistance
Permanent magnets are greatly influenced by temperature, and lose their magnetism once standard temperatures have been exceeded. Once this happens, recovery becomes unlikely even after returning to normal temperatures. In the same manner as the LUXON, sintered rotors using highly heat resistant neodymium magnets are utilized to prevent loss of magnetism from rises in temperature.
Utilizes a black 12G cable with high color matching ability


Input Voltage (V)*1 4.8 to 11.1
KV (rpm/V) 1,940 2,480 3,080 4,150 4,690 5,200
Power (W)*2 200 210 240 270 340 380
Efficiency (%)*2 94 94 94 93 92 92
Rotor Type Sintered ƒÓ12.3 mm (neodymium magnet)
Coil Winding Method Star Winding

*1: Values for a single motor unit. Please take caution of the allowable voltage for the ESC.
*2: At 7.2 V Input, with no-load

Source: Keyence High Technology Hobby

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