King of Europe RC Drift Series 2015

King of Europe hit the RC world with 5 rounds series in 2015! 11 years old, the King of Europe Series will continue its growth across Europe and Asia by hosting 34 events in 2015. King of Europe has become the meeting point for the best drifters in Europe, and even outside Europe, with drivers coming in from as far as the Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong and even Australia. Champions of many nations across the continent travel around Europe to attend the King of Europe events, with the ultimate goal of claiming the European Title in mind.
With a remarkable reach of more than 165 million people over 110 countries by means of TV, more than 1 million fans in Social Media, more than 120.000 fans attending the 21 events throughout last year, and a constant flow of pre-event and post-event media, including viral videos and large scale photo galleries, King of Europe has grown immensely from just an idea, to a professional, world-renown drift series.
As a leader of the drift scene, King of Europe had to create a series for the
RC hardcore drifters and we are so delighted to expand our activities to the RC drifters younger generation! More than just another series, we will create a unique and exciting mix where the RC Drifters and the 1/1 drifters will meet and race together on same venue, the regular drifters on the main track, the RC drifters on the exact replica of the main track and at the end of the day drifters and RC drifters will share the same podium and same cups! How cool is that ?
Five official King of Europe RC rounds will be promoted this year by King of Europe crew, with the same extreme marketing level and publishing used for the other drift races and at the end of the season, the Series champion will be crowned the “King of Europe”!!!!
This new RC series will be very attractive for sponsors, RC drivers and RC fans all around Europe as well as worldwide. As King of Europe is also part of the World Drift Association, 2016 plans are already started for a higher level competition, a project called “King of the World”, where nations affiliated to the project, will send their best drivers to this ultimate event.
King of Europe RC Series is owned by King of Europe limited and is managed by the Norwegian RC expert Lasse Sørensen from RC Pro Drift. This season will be a true “fire starter” for a new generation of international RC drifting events, head to our facebook fan page to taste a bit of the King of Europe RC community and remember to hit like :
Need to taste more ? Check out our 1.2 million fanpage : Need more detailed infos,
Check out our website or contact us. Stay tuned and secure spot in the events!
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Official Press Release
Source: Lasse Sørensen

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