Max Speed Technology MS-01D GT Chassis Kit V2

Max Speed has announced the second release of their popular MS-01D GT edition high performance RC Drift chassis. The new MS-01D GT kit has been revised with all new SSG carbon plates. The new MS-01D now features Silver Surface carbon graphite and silver aluminium alloy parts. The new main chassis has been adapted from the FS-01D chassis with some minor changes, especially the narrow side stiffeners. The top deck has also been changed to allow for more flex than the traditional MS-01D. The new MS-01D GT incorporates many new developments from the FS-01D chassis. This really shows MST’s commitment to the RC Drift industry with new improvements and developments for their first generation chassis.

MS-01D with full Silver surface carbon graphite and Silver aluminium alloy parts. This is the MS-01D chassis infused with the FS-01D technology. Not only does it look good, but it also incorporates many outstanding features from the FS-01D. One of the most useful changes to the MS-01D is the use of mechanical traction, also know as High Traction design. This can be especially beneficial for the MS-01D, especially for all the RC Drift chassis tuners out there. It is an added level of settings that can further improve the chassis performance.
One of the major differences of this chassis from the MS-01D Pro kit is the exclusion of the Front one-way axle and the Counter-steer CS gears kit. The front one-way axle may be less popular and can be an option part for the chassis, but we feel that CS gears was very beneficial to be included with the MS-01D chassis. This chassis will be available in late March of 2012.

MS-01D GT Features:

  • 95% factory assembled
  • Front ball diff unit
  • Rear spool unit
  • Front & Rear upper deck (silver surface)
  • Front & Rear damper stay (silver surface)
  • Lower deck (silver surface)
  • R/L Front lower deck brace R/L (silver surface)
  • Rear lower deck W brace (silver surface)
  • Turn-buckle shaft set (for ms-01d 20×4/25×2/28×2)(silver)
  • Front CVD , Rear CVA
  • Alum main shaft mount (silver)
  • Alum front & rear bulkhead (silver)
  • Alum front & rear upper bulkhead (silver)
  • Alum servo mount (silver)
  • Alum motor heat sink mount (silver)
  • Spur gear holder cover (silver)
  • Great angle professional drift tire (soft)
  • Silver black BBS wheel (4)
  • Approximate MSRP: $455USD

    MS-01D GT Specifications:
    Size: 1:10
    Wheelbase: Standard 257mm (adjustable 255mm – 259mm)
    Tread/Track Width: Standard 186mm (adjustable 186mm – 190mm)
    Gear Ratio: 2.0 (36T/18T)
    Drive System: 2-belt driven 4WD
    Damper: Adjustable oil filled dampers
    Suspension: A-arm (double wishbone) with pillow ball suspensions system
    Steering tie-rod: Division into three
    Bearings: Full ball bearings
    Caster: Variable 4, 7, 10, 14 degrees
    Camber: 0 to 12 degrees

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