Max Speed Technology RRX-D RC Drift Chassis

Hot off the presses comes news of the all new Max Speed Technology RRX-D RC Drift chassis. This is the first rear motor RWD RC Drift chassis on the market, it is reminiscent of the FF-04 and 2WD buggies. The all new RRX-D chassis is available in 3 different colors, red, purple, and silver. This is another one of MSTs VIP style chassis.
The new central layout will offer some advantages over other layout configurations. It will be very interesting to see how this one will handle on the track and we all know it is begging for a sweet RWB 911. The MSRP is currently $660 US Dollars and will be available any day now! If you are lucky enough to have got your hands on one, let us know what you think!

Product Numbers

  • 532133(Red)
  • 532134(Purple)
  • 532135(Silver)

Source: Max Speed Technology

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