MST Reinforced Suspension Arms Set

MST Fiber Reinforced Suspension Arms

MST Fiber Reinforced Suspension Arms (2)Max Speed Technology has released a new reinforced suspension arms set. The latest option part will be compatible with both MS-01D and FS-01D series of chassis. The design of them have not changed but rather the composition of them. These suspension arms will be fiber reinforced plastic, for better strength and durability. FRP suspension arms are stronger than many aluminum alloys and is sometimes lighter. They are do not have the shine or stylish appearance of anodized aluminum but they do work just as well if not better. Aluminum is not always the way, FRP is cheaper and works just as well. Check out what FRP has to offer.

The appeal of aluminum suspension arms is high, but not necessary. The weakness of aluminum is that under stress and strain it will permanently deform. The deformation will result in an unbalanced chassis which can result effect its performance. Fiber reinforced plastic is stronger than traditional plastics. It can withstand more stresses than traditional stock plastic, while still being capable of slight deformation and rebound to its original shape.
MST Fiber Reinforced Suspension Arms
MST Reinforced Suspension Arm Set

  • Part no.: 210190
  • Fiber reinforced plastic
  • Stronger and more durable than stock version
  • 2 pieces per package (photo only shows one pc)

Approximate MSRP: $8.60USD
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