Overdose Adjustable Front Upright Set for Vacula

New option parts for the Weld Overdose Vacula Chassis. Aluminum Adjustable Uprights Set to accompany the new A-Arm style suspension. This upgrade requires the change from conventional upper and lower front suspension arms. The lowers appear to be a Type-C style arm with matching uppers to fit the Vacula upper bulkhead rails. These new front uprights allow for a 3-stage (0, 1, 2mm) kingpin angle adjustment and also an accompanying 0-8 degrees of trail angle. This allows better axle geometry to maximize operational efficiency. Kingpin angle shifts the drive shaft angle, which can negatively effect the moment of inertia. This allows adjustments to ease the load on the driveshfts, therefore pro-longing the life of them.

Overdose Adjustable Aluminum Upright Set for Vacula

  • Product Number: OD1565 (Purple), OD1566 (Red), OD 1567 (Black)
  • Made of high quality aluminum
  • 0mm, 1mm, 2mm kingpin angle adjustment
  • 0 – 8 degrees trailing angle adjustment
  • Trailing angle allows for better driveshaft geometry
  • Kingpin and trailing angles are dependent adjustments
  • Lower moment of inertia for better efficiency
  • OD styling and quality
  • Designed for OD Vacula chassis
  • Available in Purple, Red and Black
  • Additional upgrades required for this part

Approximate MSRP ¥12,600 JPY
***REQUIRES (Sold Separately): OD1619 (¥1680JPY) and OD1618 (¥1575JPY)

Source: Weld Overdose

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