Overdose DIVALL RC Drift Chassis Kit

Overdose has finally announced the DIVALL (divu~aru in japanese). This marks the second full chassis released by Weld Overdose. It has a very interesting design, you will notice the unique layout and drivetrain. They have created a counter balancing shaft drive system that eliminate torque steer.
They finally succeeded to equalize this counter torque which is critical for handling shaft drive RC cars. This unique design boasts the most effective drive-train system for a shaftie. This is a high-end Overdose chassis and made specifically for RC drifting. This is a cultivation of everything Overdose has learned from their previously designed option parts for various other chassis in the market. This chassis will be in very high demand! This chassis is scheduled to hit the streets of Japan in September 2014, they are taking pre-orders for the chassis now! Bring your wallet as the MSRP is around $1100 USD!

Weld Overdose DIVALL Drift Chassis Kit

  • Part No.: OD1700 (Purple), OD1701 (RED)
  • Gear ratio: Front: 40T / 15T, Rear: 38T / 19T
  • Mid-Rear (MR) motor configuration
  • Shaft Driven Chassis
  • Center inline battery position
  • Optimized drivetrain to eliminate torque steer
  • High quality hardened steel is used for this bevel gear

Approximate MSRP: 118,800JPY

Source: Overdose Weld Factory