R31 Chassis Front Motor Conversion Kit

Looks like some new developments for the front motor conversion. The conversion kit for the R31 based chassis is now in development/testing phase. They have finalized the design of the front motor unit and will be compatible for both carbon fiber and plastic Chassis. The designed has now been refined and the new prototype looks much cleaner. The new conversion kit will add another belt, making it a 4 belt drive chassis design, the first of its kind. Testing has also begun for this kit and so far feedback shows even better results than the first TA-05 front motor conversion.

This conversion kit has been developed based on the original front motor conversion for the TA-05 VDF based chassis; such as the Street Jam OTA-R, Eagle Racing GRT and other similar models. This new kit is much cleaner and stylish than its predecessor. With new supports for added rigidity and stability, this new prototype for R31 based chassis seems yield even better performance. This is mainly attributed to the longitudinal battery position. The creator was very impressed after the first drive, claiming that the weight shifting capabilities and drift characteristics are superb. The battery position makes the car more responsive to body roll which in turn will effect the damper characteristics. This makes the car very easy to control, even with front weight bias, this car is still very easily manipulated and controlled. Click here to check out the original post about the R31 Conversion Kit.

As a side note, they are also working on creating new steering wipers as added option parts. The new steering wiper assembly hopes to increase the performance of steering control even more. The new wipers are designed such that they are more responsive and adjustable to suit each users needs. We will report more when we know more.

This conversion kit is still under development so information is very limited. This conversion kit really sounds promising, we are very excited about this development and want more information! All R31 users should check this out!
Source: Rajimani RC Shop

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