RC-Art CE-RX Rear Stabilizers

RC-Art CE-RC Rear Stabilizers Set for RC Drift

RC-Art CE-RC Rear Stabilizers Set for RC DriftNow available from RC-Art Japan, rear stabilizers for the RC-Art CE-RX chassis. Also known as anti-roll bars or sway bars but some, this option part will reduce chassis roll during cornering. Typically used when the rear of the chassis experiences too much body roll due to high traction surfaces. This way the chassis becomes more responsive and easier to control.

ART2069 CE-RX Rear Stabilizer Set

  • Includes pillow ball connectors
  • 3 different stiffness of stabilizer bars
  • Collars to secure stabilizer bar
  • FRP parts tree for ball cups and connectors
  • Set screws for fastening

Approximate MSRP: ¥1600JPY
Source: RC-Art

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