RC-Art RX-0 Banshee Drivetrain Kit

RC-Art has just announced their new semi-chassis kits line-up called the RC-Art RX-0 Banshee Chassis. This is the evolution of the famous CE-RX chassis with a Type M as the conventional mid-front motor configuration and the Type R as the mid-rear motor configuration. The new RX-0 chassis also includes the additional suspension transfer systems that were created in the past year.
This new RX-0 Banshee kit only includes the drive train and main chassis, suspension arms are up to the end-user to choose. There are a variety of parts in the market for your own custom configuration. This is a very good kit for CE-RX fans out there.

RC-Art RX-0 Banshee Drivetrain Kit

  • Type M is mid-front motor configuration
  • Type R is mid-rear motor configuration
  • UD carbon chassis and upper deck
  • Aluminum mechanism deck
  • Aluminum bumper support
  • New bumper support for 5mm or 6mm posts
  • Split-type bulkhead
  • 1050 bearing response center shaft
  • Aluminum motor support
  • High performance suspension set Type 2 (six holes)
  • 0 degree suspension blocks
  • RX steering set (with new aluminum plate)
  • RX front and rear damper stay
  • RX-J battery holder
  • CE-RX low profile servo stay
  • SP Spur holder
  • SP one-way unit
  • SP rigid axle set
  • Suspension arms NOT included

Approximate MSRP: 59,800JPY

RX-0 Banshee Type R

RX-0 Banshee Type M

Source: RC-Art

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