RC-Art RX-J01 Type R Conversion Kit

RC-Art has just announced a new Conversion Kit for the very popular CE-RX line of chassis. The conversion kit is called the RX-J01 Type R; assuming the R stands for Rear, this is a rear motor conversion for the CE-RX chassis. With the revival of rear motor positioning inspired by the TA-06 or the Vacula chassis, now the CE-RX can make a transformation!
RC Art recommends the White Wolf chasssis for this RX-J01 Type-R conversion kit, however we suspect any CE-RX chassis will suffice if you get the correct pulleys, tensioner and servo mounts to match.
The RC-Art RX-J01 TypeR conversion kit is available at the end of October 2013 in Japan, so pre-order before its too late!

RC-Art RX-J01 Type R Conversion Kit

  • Part Number: ART-RX-J01B (Black carbon), ART-RX-J01S (Silver carbon)
  • Improved mechanical traction
  • Rear motor position
  • New carbon battery plates
  • Additional optional carbon rigidity pieces

Conversion Kit includes:

  • Main chassis plate
  • mechanical deck
  • upper deck
  • upper deck rigidity plate
  • Battery holders (Left and Right)
  • 219T and 474T belts
  • 15T and 18T aluminum pulleys
  • Misc. spacers and parts

Approximate MSRP: ¥24000JPY
Source: RC-Art

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