Yeah Racing Shock Gear Aluminum Damper Set Review Yeah Racing Shock Gear Aluminum Damper Set Review
Introduction Suspension is an essential part of any RC Drift car, a good set of dampers can aid in chassis performance. Yeah Racing has... Yeah Racing Shock Gear Aluminum Damper Set Review


Suspension is an essential part of any RC Drift car, a good set of dampers can aid in chassis performance. Yeah Racing has introduced the Shock Gear Aluminum Damper Sets for 1/10 RC Touring and Drift chassis. This adds to their growing line of products for on-road chassis. Drift Mission has gotten a hold of these good looking dampers for some testing. We will be examining what sets these dampers apart from what is already available on the market.

Product Features and Specifications

These damper sets are designed for 1/10 RC cars. Included in the package are 5 full sets of springs with varying stiffness. Yeah Racing dampers feature state of the art technology with 6 sets of damper piston. The new damper pistons allow for 2 different types of dampening rates. They come in 1, 2 and 3 hole configurations for both linear and progressive dampening rates. Linear dampening is similar to current pistons, both top and bottom holes are the same size. Progressive dampening utilizes tapered damper pistons, the damper piston holes vary in size from top to bottom to allow for dual rate dampening. The main features that sets them apart from other dampers out there. These dampers allow for more tuning potential in the dampers.

Overall Quality

Yeah Racing has spent great effort increasing the durability, performance and east of maintenance to their new Shock Gear. These dampers are precision machined from high grade aluminum for optimal performance and light weight. The damper shaft is coated with titanium to further reduce friction and extend the life of the shafts. New premium quality anti-leak O-Ring to keep the oil chamber sealed. These Yeah Racing dampers really do look good and we believe will perform as Yeah Racing have boasted.

Product Review

This Yeah Racing Damper is very impressive so far. The quality of the parts are very good. Everything assembled without any problems and the dampers operate as well as it looks. The only problem we ran into was with the damper pistons in the packaging. One set was missing one and another set had an extra, very minor error and did not cause us any problems. The titanium piston shafts are a very nice touch that add to the performance and longevity. The O-rings and sealing bladders work very well and so far no leaks or problems.

We would recommend these dampers for the budget minded drifters!

The dampers itself are very similar to current dampers on the market. The factor that sets these dampers apart is the V-piston damper or tapered pistons. The tapered design aids in dual rate dampening; fast compression and slow rebound, or vice versa if you feel it would be beneficial. Once assembled, the V-piston design adds a noticeable difference to the dampening rate. The performance is evident, but really depends on the damper oil you use.

These dampers performed very well, Drift Mission staff was quite impressed. Comparing these to Tamiya TRF dampers, these perform just as well! The biggest noticeable difference is the cost! Tamiya TRF’s generally cost from $50 to $60 USD, however this Yeah Racing Damper set is only half the price while providing good performance. This is definitely recommended for any budged minded drifter that wants to further increase their tuning capability.

Overall Value

The Shock Gear Damper set by Yeah Racing are sold as a set of 4 for approximately $24.90USD from RC MART. Compared to Tamiya TRF Dampers which approximately priced at $50.00USD. The new Yeah Racing Dampers are very affordable in comparison while providing relatively equal performance!


If you are an RC Drift tuning enthusiast rolling on a budget, then these dampers are for you. Available in 3 colors (blue, gun metal and pink) in 50mm or 55mm lengths. These dampers will add a new aspect to tuning to any chassis. These dampers are made of quality material for maximum durability and performance. Our only complain would be the springs from the kit. They include touring car stiff and short springs. At the price of approximately $25.00USD, these are highly recommended by our testers and staff.

Happy tuning and always be sliding, thank you for reading šŸ™‚

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