Sanwa M12 Radio Control

Sanwa has just announced the replacement for the popular M11x radio control. The new M12 remote adds a few new features and has significantly reduced the overall weight of the controller. The new additions for the Sanwa M12 are LiPo Battery, 4WS Mixing, The integration of sensors for throttle, steering, RPM, voltage, temperature, and more! The Sanwa M11x has been a very popular remote, now the Sanwa M12 is poised to replace the M11x on top of the heap. MSRP Starts at ¥56,700 and goes up to ¥65,100 for all the addons. Check out the additional pictures below and additional information!

M12 flagship remote control that combines the capability of response beyond imagination and innovation.

  • High-speed response achieved far more than conventional products to the region of “zero experience” response.
  • Driving feel directly connected to the intention of the driver.
  • Record the settings for each D / R function change in an instant racing mode setting in some situations, trim, such as the curve, can be switched to one-touch settings to match the drive condition.
  • In order to reduce the load on the driver achieve significant weight reduction, weight reduction success by changing the internal structure.
  • Can check telemetry data recording and the amount of operation of the steering and throttle PC link, from the receiver and logger function of enhancement, corresponding to the migration of data to a PC through a special cable.
  • ** Please note SHR, in SSR mode analog servo will not work. When you use the analog servo SHR, in SSR mode, so the servo does not operate normally broken, please do not use the analog servo SHR, in SSR mode to absolute. Digital Servo (SRG series, Digital ERG series, SDX series) will operate in either the case of NOR, the SHR mode.

New feature

  • Select car type racing mode (seed 10)
  • LOG set up safety features
  • Telemetry link (strain 5)
  • Boot menu feature (REC/RPM/VOLT/TEMP1/TEMP2/RX MODE / ST POINT / TH POINT)
  • Language
  • Ackerman (dual steering)
  • Racing mode delay curve
  • Feeling custom menu
  • Monitor menu selector large full-dot LCD (9/18 points) 128 × 256 body double built-in antenna
  • Fully adjustable trigger multi-selector operation

New features from the M11X

  • Throttle battery fail-safe type model for direct select
  • Li-PO (70:30 / 50:50)
  • AUX1/AUX2 (2 ~ 6 points)
  • 4WS mixing (FRONT / REAR / NORMAL) / REVERSE phase
  • MOA mixing (reverse phase)
  • Variable speed drive ratio) rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive / front-wheel drive ((ST / TH)
  • Offset channel set sorting model

Other features

  • ST, memory function
  • Switching function model left and right driving position TH tension adjuster
  • 50 models
  • Model model name (14 characters) set (select / copy / clear)
  • Monitor the response mode setting
  • Servo bind key note assignment (NOR / SHR / SSR) (SW / TRIM / DIAL / LEVER)
  • Vibrator
  • LCD contrast setting buzzer
  • AUX TYPE (scale and volume change) (AUX/AUX1 / AUX2)
  • Trim type (center / parallel)
  • Battery alarm)
  • End point adjustment trim / reverse servo sub trim
  • Fail-safe characters (14 radio ()
  • Timer (lap / interval a / interval 2)
  • Dual rate curve (exponential / adjustable rate control / point curve)
  • Brake anti-lock brake mixing throttle hold
  • Compensation mixing (C-MIX1/C- RX-471, RX-451R, RX-451, RX-381, RX-461, RX-462)


  • Grip pad (Large / Small)
  • Large steering wheel steering bracket
  • Steering slant offset bracket

Source: Sanwa Japan

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