Scale Roof Rack for RC Drift Body

If you are looking for a roof rack for your RC drift car, but lack the skills to make one yourself, then this is a good option for you. Hobby Pro has some scale roof racks available for you. These roof racks are made for mini’s, but would likely fit a 1:10 scale RC car without a problem. Another one of those scale accessories that anyone can easily add to their RC Drift car.

Luggage Tray/Roof Rack for minis and 1:10 RC Drift

H562 Small Luggage Tray For Mini
In size: 56mm (length) x 105mm (width)
Weight: 62g approx
metal welding finishing
¥ 2,000 (¥ 2,100 with tax)

H564 Big luggage Tray For Mini
In size: 105mm (length) x 109mm (width)
Weight: 86g approx.
● + metal welding finishing
¥ 2,400 (¥ 2,520 tax included)
Source: Hobby Pro

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