Street Jam OTA-R3X

Streetjam has released a carbon fiber version of the popular OTA-R31. The OTA-R3X is a complete Ready-To-Run package! The MSRP for this kit is only ¥144.000 (approx. $1700USD). The price tag may seem a bit outrageous, but this car comes fully equipped with top of line Keyence and Sanwa electronics. The drive train features a 3 belt drive design, mid-ship motor layout, central battery layout, 50° of steering out of the box and newly designed OTA-R31 suspension arms, are just some of the features of this great chassis. For the newbies looking to get into RC Drifting with the latest and greatest, this is the one to get!
The OTA-R3X kit includes:
– Complete OTA R31 kit with carbon chassis
– Improvements to drivrtrain and steering
– OTA-R31 Suspension and Swing shafts
– Streetjam Edition Keyence Luxon KG 7.5T ()
– Keyence Tachyon ESC
– Sanwa Brushless low-profile servo
– Sanwa M11X transmitter
– Sanwa RX451 receiver
– Official OTA-R3X carrying case
Source: Street Jam Japan

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