Street Jam OTA Zeon Mark III Blue Chassis

Street Jam Blue OTA Zeon Mark III (1)

RC Drift Street Jam Blue OTA Zeon Mark III (2)Street Jam will be releasing again the popular OTA Zeon Mark III drift chassis. The shaft driven OTA-Zeon Mark III chassis will now be featured in an anodized blue color and Silver SSG carbon graphite chassis. This re-release will be schedule for February 24, 2012. Pre-order is suggested due to the high demand of this chassis.

This chassis has been reconfigured to include parts from the popular OTA-R31 chassis. It includes the suspension system & suspension block from the OTA-R31. The Street Jam NEO Zeon Mark III is a shaft driven front motor chassis that is bringing shaft driven chassis back to the fore front in RC Drifting. This chassis has been gaining popularity in the international RC Drift community.
The approximate MSRP is ¥56,800, and you can purchase yours from Vertex RC using the form provided below!
Street Jam Blue OTA Zeon Mark III (1)

SJKT014 – Street jam OTA-Zeon Mark III

  • Full Ball Bearing
  • Main Chassis(Mark III)
  • Front Damper Stay(Mark III)
  • Rear Damper Stay(Mark III)
  • Works Damper
  • New Design Front One Way
  • New Design Solid Axle
  • New Design Rear Input Shaft(Hard)
  • Oyaji Stiffener
  • Carbine Center Shaft
  • Aluminium Floating Motor Mount
  • Aluminium Bulkheads
  • Aluminium Suspension Mount
  • Aluminium Bumper Brace
  • Aluminium Wheel Hub
  • Universal Drive Shafts
  • R31 Suspension
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Whels

    Source: Street Jam Japan