Tamiya Toyota GT-86 190mm Body

Tamiya has officially announced the Toyota GT-86 190mm body. This is the third GT86/FT86/FR-S body, this looks quite impressive and is officially licensed by Toyota. We now have official pictures from Tamiya and pictures from tamiyablog.com @ the Shizuoka Hobby Show. We hope to see this available in stores by the end of the month. Without a doubt the Toyota AE86 is one of the most well recognized drift cars in the world, an icon of its era. The GT-86 continues this tradition and is sure to be a popular car among 86 enthusiasts. The Toyota 86 has been a highly anticipated sports car since the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. In 2012 the vehicle was finally released to markets around the world. In Japan it is known as the Toyota 86. In Europe it is known as the GT-86 and in the USA and North America it is known as the Scion FR-S. The new Toyota 86 R/C body is mounted on Tamiya’s proven mid-level assembly kit, the TA-06.
Toyota 86 Body Parts Set
When you think a Toyota AE86, Initial-D usually comes to mind with the Fujiwara Tofu Car. This new 86 embodies the soul of the original predecessor, but not any of its aesthetic queues. If Takumi was driving this car, then he would have been sure to get more attention from his competitors and the ladies. Toyota did a very good job designing this car and we look forward to seeing it roam the streets.

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Source: Tamiya USA

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