Tech Racing TA-06 SSG Drift Spec Conversion

Tech Racing Japan has just announced a SSG version of their High Traction Drift Spec Conversion Kit for the Tamiya TA-06 chassis. The new conversion kit effective converts the Fiber Reenforced Plastic (FRP) chassis into SSG carbon fiber. The RC Drift Spec SSG conversion top and bottom chassis plates are designed for High-Traction drifting. This is a very interesting RC drift conversion kit, it is worth a further investigation. The TA-06 chassis is becoming a very popular chassis in RC Drifting. The TA-06 represents the new generation of the TA series, which has been radically redesigned for Touring Car Racing. Tech Racing’s new carbon fiber conversion kit has claimed to be drift spec, but does not conform to the current trend of front mid-ship motors. The new chassis does however have emphasis on high traction and rear motor bias, this chassis may have more merit as a pure rear wheel drive (RWD) vehicle.

The designed SSG flame style chassis adds style and performance to the TA06. The 2.0mm top and bottom carbon fiber chassis plates will have more flex, so that it can achieve better traction. The 3.0mm front and rear damper stays will includes more shock positions for greater adjustments. With light blue anodized lightweight aluminum to add style and performance to the overall chassis. This new conversion kit is the only one of its kind made for RC Drift.
Tech Racing Drift Spec High Traction Conversion Kit

  • 2.0mm High Traction SSG Carbon Main Chassis
  • 2.0mm SSG Carbon Top Deck
  • 2.0mm SSG Rear Upper Brace
  • 3.0mm Heavy-duty Matte Carbon Front Damper Stay
  • 3.0mm Heavy-duty Hybrid Matte Carbon Rear Damper Stay
  • Light Blue Anodized Aluminum Posts

Approximate MSRP: ¥21000JPY

Source: Tech Racing Japan

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