Team-Tetsujin Billet Aluminium Steering Grip

Team Tetsujin recently released a billet aluminium steering grip for Futaba and Sanwa pistol grip remote controls. The new aluminium steering grip is machined from a high quality durable aluminium alloy and anodized with several different colours for best performance and style. These new steering grips offer best driver feel and comfort for both RC drifting and touring needs.

This new Team Tetsujin billet aluminium steering grip is used by many of the RC Drifter and racers alike, such as Hiroshi Suzuki, Drift 44, Bouzu, Gyaosu and many more. These billet aluminium steering grips are made for many of the popular Futaba and Sanwa radio transmitters such as the 4PKS, 4PK, 4PL and M11. These aluminium grips approximate MSRP is ¥6000JPY.


  • Designed for comfort and function
  • CNC machined for precision
  • Made from high quality aluminium billet
  • Assorted colours: Silver, Pink, Rose, Gold, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, Green and Black
  • Approximate MSRP is ¥6000JPY
  • Fit for:
    ● Futaba 4PKS, 4PK, for 4PL (A geniune 3PK 4PK handle, 3PM, 2PL, adapted to MJ)
    ● Futaba 3PK for (Use a thick sponge tape)
    ● Sanwa M11X for (The M11 is equipped with non-raw)
    This steering grip also features power bands that fit into the grooves for better grip and ease of steering operation. Power bands are available in four different colours, blue, red, black and white. Power bands are sold separately at a MSRP of ¥850JPY.

    Source: Team Tetsujin