Team Tetsujin Lexus IS-F Body

This new Lexus IS-F body from Team Tetsujin will be officially released next month! This marks the seventh body to come from Team Tetsujin, and I must say it looks amazing. The body will probably sell out quickly, and should retail for around $50 USD when it becomes available. It appears this will come with the standard extras you can expect from Team Tetsujin!
We expect the body to be 198mm-200mm and will be available sometime in the next few weeks. Stayed tuned to for more information as it becomes available. DriftMission will be reviewing this body and the new Deep Dish Adjustable Wheels in the coming months once we have a chance to test it out.

  • Model: Lexus IS-F
  • Size: 198mm? 200mm?
  • Officially Licensed by Lexus/Toyota Motor Co.
  • Manufactured by: TEAM-TETSUJIN

Team Tetsujin Lexus IS-F RC Drift Body 1-10 Scale - DriftMission
Source: Team Tetsujin

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