Usukani Sakura D4 Shaft Drive System

Usukani is new to the scene and have some amazing innovative products coming soon for RC Drifters everywhere! Usukani shaft system drive train for 3Racing Sakura D4. This is another great option part from Usukani after Usukani D4 carbon conversion kit.
This shaft system is compatible with the original 3Racing Sakura D4 kit and Usukani D4 carbon conversion kit. This provides you the ability to change from the shaft system back to normal belt system. (this option part is available on RWD only).
From the picture of front bulkhead is specially design with upper a arm holder and it was available few hole for upper arm adjustment and center gravity setup. The most special item on our Usukani D4 rear bulkhead is completely running by bevel gearing set.
Rear bukhead bevel is using 17t/40t which is totally compatible with Yokomo SD gearing set, Yokomo metal overdrive counter steer gearing, Yokomo spool gearing and Yokomo gear differential.
(front and rear bulkhead is compatible with original sakura lower deck)
There was another highlight for Usukani rear bulkhead available with a new bracket for rear camber link adjustment and the bracket is removable and fix on multi hole alloy rear shock tower for more camber link setup.
(for this multi camber link adjustment bracket only compatible on Usukani d4 carbon conversion kit)

Source: Usukani

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