Weld Overdose 1/10 Scale Pit Flags

Newly released from Overdose come these 1/10 scale Formula D pit flags! This is the original FD banner flag that has been redesigned for 1/10 scale. These Overdose Pit Flags are available in 2 styles and 2 different sizes.
You can find these showing up now at your favorite Overdose retailer for around $15 USD each.

Weld Overdose 1/10 Scale Pit Flags Product Details

  • Size, available in two types of L (large) · S (small).
  • L size is 1800mm x 600mm, S size is 300mm x 100mm (with pedestal).
  • Overdose flag code (S): OD2063
  • Overdose flag code (L): OD2062
  • Weld flag code (S): OD2061
  • Weld flag code (L): OD2060

**Note: Large flag requires pedestal.

Source: WeldxOverdose

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