Vertex High-Control Aluminum Chassis for DRB

Vertex recently released a “High Control” Aluminum Chassis for the Yokomo DRB. This new aluminum chassis was created with the aid of D1 driver Takahiro Ueno; who brings the expertise of D1 into the RC world. The new chassis design increase rigidity of the chassis while preserving necessary flex in certain areas of the chassis. Vertex also recommend the use of their new center bulkhead to further improve the DRB performance. These are HOT new items from T&E Vertex so check them out.

The new High Control DRB chassis has spent more than six months in research, development and testing to ensure consistantcy and performance. The new chassis design increases rigidity of the chassis while preserving necessary chassis flex around the suspension for greater control. This is a high performance upgrade for a chassis that is already top of the line. This chassis is available in blue and red aluminum with polished edges for the visual appeal.

Another redesigned and recommended option part that Vertex suggests, is the newly designed middle bulkhead to even further improve the DRB. The new bulkhead design appears to be similar to the new Yokomo DRB Hyper SSG. The new design will effectively lower the center of gravity of the middle bulkhead. The bulkhead also allows for faster, better and easier adjustments of pulleys and belt tensioners.A new center brace that connects the center bulkheads together will stiffen the bulkhead assembly to further reduce excessive drivetrain distortion and achieves more direct power delivery. An existing weakness to the current DRB chassis is that larger spur gears cannot be fitted properly. This problem will be solved with the new bulkhead design and chassis cutout so that larger spur gears can now be used. This will largely benefit those counter steer modifications where overdrive drive ratio is a problem.

Obviously Vertex RC by T&E has done their homework on this. The research and development of these two parts alone far exceeds what most third party spend to develop an entire line for one specific chassis. The aluminum chassis retails for ¥9240yen/$114USD/80EUR. The middle bulkhead retails for ¥7329/$90USD/63EUR. The red and blue colors will match original Yokomo anodized colors. These Vertex parts are manufactured to perfection for optimal control of your RC chassis, check them out today!
Source: Vertex RC Japan

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