Weld Overdose Yokomo DRB Option Parts

Weld Overdose has once again released some new option parts for the Yokomo DRB RC drift chassis. This time with new specially designed C-hubs and steering knuckles, combined with the Overdose wide angle universal drive shafts for the perfect enhancement in performance and style. Another new option part will be a new belt tensioner. All Overdose option parts will be made of high quality aluminum alloy and anodized to match the Yokomo Red or Blue color.

The belt tensioner with a 12T pulley has been long awaited. This is a highly anticipated release for anyone doing countersteer modifications.

The C-hub and steering knuckles come together in a package. The revolutionary new C-hub design allows adjustable castor and Ackerman angles. The king pin angle has been repositioned for better steering accuracy, response and feel. The new design now includes a ball bearing to further improve steering capabilities and smoothness.

Overdose has done their homework researching and developing these option parts. They are no doubt very stylish and also enhance the performance of the drift chassis. These parts will be in high demand, so get your while you can!
Source: Weld Overdose

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