Wrap-Up Next 3D Light Lens Decals for Yokomo AE86

One of the first Wrap-up Next releases was 3d Light lens decals made with their 3D printing method. The new light lenses are made for the Yokomo Hayashi AE86 Levin. These new 3D light lens decals will add greater scale detail to your RC drift body. These 3D body wraps will get noticed at a RC Drift body competition!

The Wrap-up 3D Decals are made to replicate real 1:1 car lenses. Currently they are nothing like it on the market. Check them out! These 3D decals are available in two different version for each car; show 2 different models of AE86. They are to depict different models of the same car, the differences are very discreet. They differences should be noticeable by anyone that has in-depth knowledge of the Toyota AE86 legacy.

Yokomo Hayashi AE86 Levin

  • Early Model
  • Late Model
  • 2 Versions: For early edition and late model AE86
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥1890JPY
    Source: Wrap-up Next Japan

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