Wrap-Up Next FR-D 2.0

Wrap-Up Next has officially announced the new FR-D RWD RC Drift Chassis Conversion Kit coming next mid January 2014. According to Wrap Up Next official blog the next evolution of the FR-D includes an optimized weight distribution layout. They have also strengthened the gear unit and provide more steering angle than before!
It will be available in 4 different color options, Red, Blue, Silver, and Black. You can pre-order them now from various online retailers for around $300 USD.
Updates from V1/1.1

  • Carbon parts has been changed to Black Carbon. Chassis Thickness has been changed to 2mm for enhanced rolling action and perfect control.
  • Gear Unit lay out has been updated. Motor potion has been moved approx 5mm towards rear. Perfect weight balance.
  • Hybrid Steering Wiper is included with the conversion kit. By putting Servo horizontally, perfect linkage and wide range of ackerman settings are possible.
  • Newly designed center cup joint and updated to steel material. Further more, 4 pinions for the gear unit also has been updated to steel.

Parts Included

  • SSF Main Chassis
  • SSF Upper Deck
  • Graphite Support Plate
  • Graphite Upper Brace with Front Gear Unit (Aluminium Mounts, Aluminium Pinion gears, Carbon Composite Pinion Gears etc).
  • Front Aluminium Suspension Mount
  • Aluminium Steering Post
  • Aluminium Adjustable Steering Link
  • Aluminium Battery Holder & Stopper
  • Axle Shaft
  • Screws
  • Nuts

Part Numbers

  • FR-D V2.0 Conversion Kit – 0063-FD Red
  • FR-D V2.0 Conversion Kit – 0062-FD Blue
  • FR-D V2.0 Conversion Kit – 0060-FD Silver
  • FR-D V2.0 Conversion Kit – 0061-FD Black

Source: Wrap-Up Next

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