November 2013 Body of the Month Winner

Congratulations to nismobao! from our forums for winning the November 2013 Body of The Month contest. Check out this amazing Rocket Bunny GT-86! Voting results are posted below the photo gallery!

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!!

[alert type=”blue”]”What can I say, I love this car. I had the great honor of taking shots of the car with its original inspiration and that is an experience like no other. Mark has given his personal thumbs up to the build and its hard for the smile to fade away whenever I see my car sliding around or just sitting on the shelf. I hope you guys like the build, and if you guys want to keep updated on anything else I’m doing, hit me up on our local team FB page, Akuma Works
Thanks everyone and happy holidays!” – nismobao

  • Design: Car was inspired/based off a mix of Kei Miura and Mark Arcenal’s respective FR-S Rocket Bunny builds
  • Body: Tamiya Toyota GT86 + Addiction RC Rocket Bunny Overfender
  • Paint: : Tamiya PS-2 Red + Pactra Indy Silver, Rivets (updated version) done w/ Pactra Indy Silver brush paint
  • Wheels: Spice TE37/Overdose CR Ultimate (5mm front/11mm rear)
  • Tires: Raikou D70
  • Accessories: Addiction RC rear wing stays, front mount intercooler, DIY rollcage, Speedway Pal 12mm rear exhausts (x2), angel eyes + brake light LED setup, tamiya right hand drive interior, carbon fiber vinyl wrap on hood, Tamiya craft square side mirrors


    • nismobao – Addiction RC Rocket Bunny FR-S 126
    • patrick – AE86 Missle 74
    • mikep415 – Yokomo Nissan Onevia 64
    • Kenobi – Kenmeri C110 Skyline with engine 69
    • Spooke – Yokomo ER34 Uras Gang Kit 50
    • roxysnonie – HKS Toyota GT-86 49
    • Wind235 – D-Like Nissan S14 Zenki 45
    • NastyNate – Nissan Skyline ER34 30
    • Hoach – Tamiya BMW E92 23
    • AmirF35 – Tamiya Ferrari 458 Challenge 7 RC Drifting Forums

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