Wrap-Up Next Heat Wrap and Protector Film

Two new product announcements from Wrap Up Next, these products are designed to keep your motor cooler and protect your chassis and bodies. The Wrap UP heat wrap is made for most standard sized brushless motors, and has already sold out. These are now available as pre-order only until the next run is available. The Wrap Up Next protector film is made out of polyurethane and is tear resistant as shown in the pictures below. The protection film is available in 2 sizes 125mm x 350mm and 125mm x 175mm depending on your needs and retails for around $10. This is sure to protect your body from any scrapes, scratches, bumps and should help to prevent the body from cracking upon harder impacts. The protection film is also useful for the bottom of your chassis if you run on less than ideal surfaces that can scratch your carbon fiber. These are great new products from Wrap-Up Next that will increase the life of your goods.

Source: Wrap-up Next Japan

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