D-Link Kazama Auto GS-X Conversion Kit

D-Link Kazama Auto has announced a new RC Drifting conversion kit to follow up their successful GP-XR conversion kit for Street Jam OTA-R31 chassis. This new GS-X is a conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package Basic or Type C that borrows some features from the GP-X/R31 chassis. This carbon conversion kit is ideal for anyone that already owns a Yokomo Drift Package Basic chassis. This new conversion kit will utilize the flex characteristics of carbon fiber with significant upgrades to chassis supports for greater stability and performance. If the previous GP-XR is an indicator of what Kazama brings when they start developing their own parts, this new GS-X will be no different. Pre-order for the GS-X conversion kit begins June 1st.

D-Link Kazama GS-X Conversion Kit

  • Requires a Yokomo Drift Package Basic chassis
  • Carbon fiber conversion kit
  • Compatible with LiPo batteries
  • New suspension mounts and hinge pins
  • Designed for use with OTA-R31 suspension arms
  • Adjustable chassis flex with center brace
  • Center brace for greater stability between top and bottom deck
  • Compatible with existing Kazama Drift Package option parts
  • Optional: Additional chassis stiffeners available

Approximate MSRP: ¥19800JPY
Here is a “Bling” out Kazama GS-X converted chassis
Compatible with existing Kazama R31 based parts

Source: Kazama Auto D-Link

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