Wrap-Up Next Intercooler Decal

Wrap UP Next continues to impress us here at DriftMission with releases like this it’s no wonder. If you have been using the cheap plastic type intercoolers from the likes of HPI, Tamiya, or R2 Hobbies. You can now make it look better with the use of these new realistic intercooler decals. We have featured the Wrap UP Next 3d decals in the past, which have received positive feedback from the community. So these should be no different, with a high attention to detail and product quality. These decals can be used on existing plastic intercoolers or you can affix this to the body of your choice from the inside. So if your plastic intercooler is showing signs of wear, this may be a solution for you. These come in a size of 130mm x 75mm and are available for a MSRP of ¥1,029. For twice the price of this decal you can get a real aluminum intercooler from Tetsujin.

Source: Wrap-up Next Japan

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