Wrap-Up Next Window Tint

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you ever tried to smoke or window tint out your ride using spray paint? We have done a few cars in the past this way but it is hard to make sure you apply it evenly, and dark enough to provide the effect you are looking for. Wrap-Up Next has the solution with a decal that can be applied to the inside or outside of the body. These will make sure it is done right every time, these should fit most 1/10 R/C bodies. Currently they only show one style which appears to be the standard 50% tint effect. Check them out today if you have been looking to tint out your ride.
These decals have begun showing up a most Wrap UP Next online retailers, and have a MSRP of $12 USD.
We have featured the Wrap UP Next 3d decals in the past, which have received positive feedback from the community. So these should be no different, with a high attention to detail and product quality.

Product Details

  • Wrap-Up Next Product #: 0003-12
  • Size: 250mm x 200mm
  • Tint Level: 50% / Mid Tint/Smoke Effect
  • MSRP $12 USD

Source: Wrap-up Next Japan

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