Yokomo D-Max Carbon SSG Upgrade Kit

Yokomo has added more personality to the Yokomo D-Max chassis, now with Carbon SSG chassis kit. The new upgrade package comes in silver carbon graphite for maximum aesthetics. The new chassis plate has been redesigned to enhance traction and stability for maximum performance. The kit includes a new chassis plate, front and rear upper braces, battery holders and damper stays. The new upgrade kit and parts will be available mid to late November 2011. Check it out if you own a Yokomo D-Max.

Yokomo D-Max SSG Upgrade Kit

Yokomo D-Max SSG Main Chassis

Yokomo D-Max SSG Front Upper Brace

Yokomo D-Max SSG Rear Upper Brace

Yokomo D-Max SSG Front Damper Stay

Yokomo D-Max SSG Rear Damper Stay

Yokomo D-Max SSG Battery Holder

Source: Yokomo Japan

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