Yokomo DIB / DRB Version 3 Upgrade Kit

Yokomo has just announced Version 3 Front Suspension Upgrade kit for the DRB and DIB chassis. This kit will be shipping at the end of December 2013 and is designed to give your DIB or DRB an upgrade. The new parts include A shaped lower arms and new upper bulkheads for Type-C style uppers. This kit will give your basic drift DIB / DRB the edge into counter-steer CS land. The new lower suspension arms increase rigidity and newly shaped to allow more steering clearance. The new upper bulkheads allow for use of Type-C style upper for caster adjustment. This is a very good package for any DIB/DRB users out there, wanting to optimize their chassis!

Yokomo DIB/DRB Version 3 Upgrade Kit

  • Model Number: IB-GC3
  • Genuine Yokomo Option Part
  • Latest Aluminum A-style lower suspension arms
  • New upper bulkhead for use with Type-C
  • Adjustable caster angle
  • Greater wheel clearance
  • Designed for Yokomo DIB and DRB chassis
  • Available end of December 2013

Approximate MSRP: ¥7350JPY

Source: Yokomo

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