Yokomo Drift Package DIB Gun Metal Version

Yokomo has re-introduced a new gun metal version of the Yokomo Drift Package DIB chassis. The new gun metal edition comes after the huge success of the DRB Red edition. New option parts will also be released for the gun metal version DIB, including gun metal aluminium alloy bulkheads and other alloy components. This DIB looks to be a permanent addition to the Yokomo chassis line-up. The silver carbon and the gun metal alloy really does look clean and impressive, check it out! This chassis and the option parts are expected to be available starting December 25th!
The new DIB in-line battery position allows for greater chassis maneuverability and unparalleled weight balance. The combination of SSG chassis and new FRP bulkheads have been designed with performance in mind. The new chassis is now more slender than the traditional DRB. The main chassis design shares some features from the recently introduced High Traction design, which will give it better handling characteristics.

The new midship motor position has also been moved forward to accommodate the in-line battery positioning. The steering assembly has been optimized so that it will have allowable Ackerman adjustment, or parallel steering geometry. The new chassis is also compatible with the short-size lightweight LiPo battery that were recently introduced by Yokomo. New counter-steer FCD kits will also be available for this chassis. Everything about this chassis has been carefully designed with RC Drift performance in mind.

Major Features DP-DIBG

  • In-line battery layout
  • Chassis weight balance is down the centre line of the chassis
  • High efficiency 2 belt drive
  • Front midship motor layout
  • Adjustable Ackerman geometry
  • 45 degree steering angle
  • SSG double deck chassis
  • SSG front and rear damper stay
  • Precision aluminium motor mount
  • Low friction universal shafts (front and rear)
  • Standard aluminium oil filled shocks
  • Full ball bearings

MSRP at approximately ¥44940JPY
Additional Gun Metal Alloy Option Parts
Upgrade Package 1 – IB-GC1G
Content parts: aluminum center bulkhead (F & R), aluminum
Center bulkhead (left and right), rear aluminum tensioner machine
Mount, rear belt tensioner set, Hex Hub Clamp
Approximate MSRP: ¥11600JPY

Upgrade Package 2 – IB-GC2G
Content parts: A × 2 aluminum bulkhead, aluminum Barukuhe~tsu
De B × 2, aluminum front bulkhead cap (left and right),
Aluminum rear bulkhead cap (left and right)
Approximate MSRP: ¥12800JPY

Source: Team Yokomo Japan

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