Yokomo Drift Package DPR

The Drift Package DPR chassis is the latest iteration in the Drift Package series. This is a heavily upgraded from the original Drift Package Basic chassis. Complete with a double deck graphite carbon chassis and very functional aluminum upgrades, this chassis is a new evolution in the Drift Package series.
Upgrades include a new steering system which boosts steering angle. The Type-C style lower arms allow for more clearance with new adjustable upper arms for caster angles and roll center. Additionally it is completed by the new narrow scrub radius steering knuckles.
This chassis comes with enough goodies to satisfy any level of RC drifter. Scheduled for release in Japan late January and February of 2015 for the international community. This will likely be the first new chassis of the 2015 year!

Yokomo Drift Package DPR

  • Part Number: DP-DPRA
  • Shaft drive 4WD system
  • Graphite double deck chassis
  • Carbon damper rear stay
  • Aluminum front shock tower
  • Aluminum steering bell cranks
  • Aluminum narrow scrub radius steering block
  • Aluminum front Type-C style upper and lower suspension system
  • Aluminum center drive cup
  • Aluminum center driveshaft
  • Aluminum adjustable dampers
  • Aluminum sliding motor mount
  • Aluminum lightweight spur gear holder
  • Aluminum servo mount
  • Aluminum hex hub clamp
  • Drift exclusive springs
  • Front one-way axle and rear spool
  • Quick battery holder

Approximate MSRP: ¥58000JPY

Source: Yokomo Drift Package DPR

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