Yokomo Drift Package DRB Hyper Drive Special Edition

Yokomo has just announced that they will soon release a new Yokomo DP DRB Hyper Drive Special Edition to their new line-up. This time with a special Black Carbon drift RC chassis. The new Yokomo DRB will include the Hyper Drive system that was introduced with the DRB Hyper SSG Edition. It will also boast several upgraded features in this special black version.

YOKOMO DRB is a true high-end drift RC chassis without compromise. This chassis is targeted for intermediate level RC drifters. The Yokomo DRB is a cleverly designed front mid-ship motor layout and propelled by 2 belts. The utilization of the new Hyper Drive system enhances the stiffness at the front portion of the chassis for better performance. The Hyper Drive system not only enhances performance but is also aesthetically pleasing. The newly redesigned motor bulkhead design also lowers the center of gravity of the chassis for even greater performance. The new motor bulkhead design has also improved the efficiency of the belt drive system. Overall a big boost in performance for an already well designed RC chassis.
A major upgrade that this chassis received is the full 45° steering angle; with adjustable Ackerman positions. This new feature is ideal for the countersteer drifters that now have a choice between parallel steering or Ackerman steering characteristics. Testing of this chassis reveals that it is very stable in both high and low speed situations. It maintains its performance in any situations and is an excellent performer for Drift RC.
Yokomo always used the best materials available when creating this Special Edition chassis. The carbon fiber is of the highest quality available and all aluminum parts are machined to the strictest of Yokomo standards. All aluminum parts are machined with high quality materials for the best result. This is a high performance, high-end Drift RC chassis, it will outperform anything else at the local drift track while looking good doing it. It is well worth checking out if you can afford the price tag of the chassis kit at approximately ¥66,000.
Unfortunately there are not many new pictures for this car yet, we will update when we get more from our source. Check back for more!

Chassis Specifications

■ Pure black carbon double deck chassis.
■ Pure black carbon shock stays around
■ Made of titanium turnbuckles and tie rods
■ Precision aluminum bulkheads front and rear
■ Precision aluminum hyper drive system motor mount
■ Precision aluminum hyper drive system chassis control bridge
■ Battery Holder support all types of batteries
■ Aluminum oil dampers as standard

Major Features

■ 2-belt drive boasts a maximum operability
■ front midship motor layout
■ Highly rigid hyper drive
■ Full support Ackermann counter drift ratio
■ 45 degree steering angle
■ Ultra-low center of gravity to increase maneuverability

Source: Yokomo DRB Specifications

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