Yokomo Drift Package YD-4 MR RC Drift Chassis

This marks the first additional version of the all new Team Yokomo YD-4 RC Drift Chassis. The YD-4 MR version was created to address the diversification of road surfaces Worldwide in RC Drifting. The new MR version features a new rear mid motor position to allow for more dyanmic force and better control. The kit will be available in 2 versions the conversion kit and the full Drift Package version.
The conversion kit is expected to be available at the end of this month, and the full Drift Package is expected in early October 2016. The MSRP have been listed at ¥41,000 (full chassis DP-YD4MRC), ¥ 19,800 (conversion kit Y4-YD4MRC) which is roughly $400 USD, and $200 USD respectively.
This new chassis kit boasts more realistic performance and is targeted at competition level RC Drifters. This new kit has undergone significant changes to better locate the center of gravity of the chassis to optimize stability and drift performance.

Yokomo YD-4 MR Competition RC Drift Chassis

  • Low center of gravity structure to exhibit a high kinetic performance
  • Sealed gear box shaft drive 4WD
  • High rigidity matte carbon-made double-deck chassis
  • High rigidity 4mm thick matte carbon made before and after the shock tower
  • Rear mid motor specification that allows for dynamic driving
  • Improving the operability by to concentrate the heavy
  • achieve an overwhelming sharp angle while high before and after H arm specification rigidity
  • Front king pin angle narrow scrub knuckle
  • Front one-way
  • FCD × 1.3-fold rear-enhanced solid axle
  • aluminum slide to optimize the steering angle and Ackerman ratio
  • Rack steering
  • Standard, short size battery support both

Source: Yokomo

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