ABC Hobby Custom Mazda Savanna GT

The ABC Hobby Custom Bari Bari Mazda Savanna GT is an iconic car in the JDM scene! Now you can get your very own 1:10 scale version of the custom Mazda RX-3 Custom Bari Bari Savanna GT! ABC Hobby has released a new custom 200mm Savanna GT. We here at DriftMission continue to be impressed by the level of detail put into this body which includes the light buckets, fenders, high quality photo realistic graphics, and masking.
This is a wide body custom 200mm ABC Hobby shell and will have a retail price of around ¥ 5,200 the pictures displayed feature additional products and are not included with this body these include LEDs, mirrors, muffler, license plate, wiper.

ABC Hobby Custom Mazda Savanna GT Bari Bari 66160

  • 1/10 Scale Clear Body (Body is unpainted / uncut)
  • Length: 456mm
  • Width: 200mm
  • Wheel Base: 260mm
  • Include HD Decal, Masking Sheet, Light Parts, Over Fender Parts

*** Overfender Screws ABC 69311 or ABC 69312 are NOT included.
Source: ABC Hobby

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